6 Fun Ways To Reuse Old Gutters

In the modern age, we’ve found ways to reuse almost everything. From aluminum cans to old speakers, creative people have given fresh life to our worn out stuff, and gutters are no exception. Whether you have old gutters from a recent replacement or leftover materials from a new installation, what doesn’t attach to your fascia can still be put to good use! We’ve compiled a list of a few of our favorite ideas for how to reuse your extra gutters.

1. Grow Something

Definitely not a new idea, but using old gutters as planters is one of the most practical applications of leftover gutter material. The process works well with any kind of gutter (except downspouts of course), so shape shouldn’t be an issue. Just close off each end of the planter with some material, and poke some small drainage holes in the bottom. Then fill almost to the top with potting soil, plant some seeds, and you’ve got yourself a great planter! They look especially good when hung from an overhang, of course, since gutters are designed to be seen from the bottom.

2. Keep Your Drinks Cool

Making the best use of this idea requires a little workmanship, but the payoff is well worth it. The basic premise is to take an old length of gutter, cap the ends, and fill it with ice to create an instant beverage cooler. To take it one step farther, take a wooden table (picnic tables work best), remove a central board and replace it with the length of gutter. Fasten the gutter to the table with some metal fastenings or clips. Add the ice and you’ve got a great place to store bottles and cans for your party guests to grab when they’re thirsty!

3. Create Extra Shelving

There are a couple of ways that gutters can be used to increase your shelving space in a stylish fashion. The first is very straightforward: simply bolt the lengths of gutter to the wall in whatever design you see fit. Rectangular and trapezoidal gutters work best in this regard, although V-shaped gutters can make excellent bookshelves. The second method is to take a flat-bottomed gutter or a downspout cut in half lengthwise, and place it in the back of an existing cabinet or shelf. This creates a second level in the storage space, allowing for easier access to whatever you have in the back. It’s a great way to ensure you don’t forget about those snacks in the back of the pantry for over a year!

4. Store Your Tools

In addition to the aforementioned shelving capabilities of regular lengths of gutter, downspouts can be used for storage as well. Unmodified lengths of downspout are great for storing long, thin objects such as rakes, hoes, badminton rackets, or even tiki torches. Since downspouts are already waterproof, you can use them for outdoor as well as indoor storage.

5. Entertain Your Kids

For the really handy folks, creating homemade toys for your kids can be incredibly rewarding and fun. Cut your gutters into short lengths, and then use magnets or rotating bolts to attach them to a wall or other flat vertical surface. Your kids can then move the lengths into different arrangements to create marble runs or water chutes. Be sure to cover or bend over the sharp corners and edges to minimize the risk of injury.

6. Feed Your Family (Or Guests)

Perhaps the most unusual idea on the list involves combining gutters and ice cream. Yes, we said ice cream. First things first, make sure to wash a long length of gutter thoroughly for sanitation purposes. Lining it with parchment paper or some other flexible and sanitary material might be necessary depending on the state of the gutter. Then simply scoop your favorite flavors of ice cream into the gutter, and layer your favorite sundae toppings on top. The ice cream trough is a fun way to liven up a birthday party (especially for kids), but it works well for any kind of large gathering where ice cream is involved. Give it a try!

These are just a few of the fun and creative ways you can reuse your old gutters. If you have your own unique ideas on how to recycle your gutters, let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear them!