Choosing a right gutter for your commercial entity can be a very tricky task but it is a very important step. Especially when you are selecting box gutters you need to consult professionals and select appropriate box gutter sizes for your commercial property. In this Blog we will discuss box gutters and their size variations.

What are Box Gutters?

Gutters come in different shapes and sizes. As the name suggests box gutters are box shaped hence are commonly used in commercial gutters. They are designed in box shape so they can drain out heavy water flow and debris without clogging.Box gutter systems are the go-to solution because of its shape and placement on the edge of the roof which runs around the perimeter of commercial properties.

This gutter style not only exudes professionalism but also boasts enhanced water-carrying capabilities compared to residential counterparts. For instance, transitioning from a 5-inch to a 6-inch design results in a remarkable 40% increase in the gutter’s water-holding capacity.

Composition of box gutters:

The most commonly used materials to manufacture box gutters are Aluminum and Galvalume. Other metals that are also used in manufacturing of box gutters are Copper ,Acrylume and Stainless steel.

How to choose guttering material?

A diverse range of guttering materials is available to accommodate the requirements of various projects. Check out the range of different gutters at Gutteritup. Choosing material for gutter includes consideration of various factors. Following are those factors:

  • The location of the building
  • The type of commercial building
  • The desired aesthetic you aim to achieve with the guttering.

Available gutter material options:

Below are some guttering options available in Box gutters sizes.

1. Steel guttering

Go for steel guttering if you want low cost and low maintenance gutters. As steel is an alloy so it contains properties of iron and aluminum hence is light weight and it doesn’t erode.

2. Aluminum guttering

This type of gutter is made from aluminum as it is durable and lightweight and can accommodate heavy rainfall water.

Some benefits of aluminum guttering include:

  • Durability: Aluminum is resistant to rust and corrosion, making it a long-lasting option for guttering.
  • Low maintenance: Aluminum guttering requires minimal maintenance, as it does not need to be painted and is easy to clean.
  • Lightweight: Aluminum is a lightweight material, making it easier to install and handle compared to other materials
  • Aesthetic appeal: Aluminum guttering can be customized to match the style of a building, as it comes in a variety of colors and finishes.
  • Cost-effective: Aluminum guttering is generally more affordable compared to other gutter materials, such as copper or zinc.

The only major drawback is that it can not be installed in places with heavy snowfall as aluminum is prone to dents, being lightweight.

3. Plastic guttering

Plastic guttering is preferred if you want low cost guttering and want to fulfill some color requirements. Below are its advantages.

  • It is versatile and comes in many colors
  • Easy to install
  • Withstand temperature conditions
  • Can handle heavy rainfall waters

4. Cast iron guttering

Cast iron guttering makes a great choice,whether you’re working on a new building, refurbishment,restoration or commercial project because of its durability. We offer many options of Commercial Gutter replacement and installation.

Benefits of cast iron gutters are below:

  • Can last up to 10 decades or even more
  • Durable and reliable
  • Fire resistant
  • low-maintenance choice
  • Recyclable
  • Low noise pollution

Only drawback is it is expensive, not light weight hence takes quite time to install.

5. Copper guttering

The material adapts to its surroundings, forming a patina that enhances durability and corrosion resistance across various weather conditions. Its natural properties also deter the growth of moss and lichens, minimizing the necessity for frequent cleaning and maintenance.

Additionally, on continuous straight runs of less than 100 meters, there’s no requirement for expansion joints, making installation a straightforward process.

Why Box Gutters?

When engaged in a construction project, selecting the appropriate guttering materials is crucial. Box gutters, alternatively known as square gutters or trough gutters, consist of a three-sided rectangular channel.Their straight and angular design makes them especially well-suited for projects featuring angular elements, such as contemporary-style apartment blocks and outbuildings.

The unique design of box gutters imparts a larger capacity compared to other guttering profiles, enabling their effective use in regions with high rainfall or significant water runoff without encountering problems. Due to their ability to efficiently manage large volumes of water. They are used in commercial properties. Their capacity and effectiveness make them well-suited for buildings with expansive roof areas.

Box Gutter Sizes: How to choose?

Box gutters come in a variety of sizes . Box gutter sizes depend on the design of building ,location and quantity of water it would have to drain.

What is the standard commercial gutter size?

Generally We at Gutteritup offer sizes that are commonly used. The standard for medium to small commercial gutter needs is 6”.For commercial buildings that fall between the size of an average home and a larger structure like a warehouse, 6-inch box gutters emerge as the ideal choice. Striking a balance, this size provides ample capacity to manage water runoff effectively without being excessively large.

1. 6” Box Gutter

The versatility of 6-inch box gutters makes them well-suited for various medium-sized commercial properties, ensuring reliable performance in handling rainwater while offering a practical and efficient solution for water management.

Gutteritup 6″ A-Style Box Commercial Gutter. Crafted from robust .032″ aluminum, this gutter boasts a patented Kynar Finish, ensuring enduring durability. Perfectly suited for diverse commercial projects, including warehouses, shopping centers, offices, and architecturally modern residences.

2. 7” Box Gutter Size

The 7-inch gutter size accommodates this rapid runoff. In scenarios where a 6-inch gutter might not provide adequate space for a downspout away from pedestrian paths, the 7-inch option becomes essential to transport water safely to a more suitable installation point.Opting for the 7-inch size becomes prudent if uncertainty exists about whether the 6-inch capacity can effectively manage the anticipated runoff.

Factors such as roof material, the need for wider downspout spacing, or possessing a notably large roof contribute to the necessity of opting for 7-inch gutters.The 7-inch box gutters occupy the middle ground among box gutter sizes, specifically designed for commercial buildings larger than those suited for the 6-inch variant.

3. 8-Inch Box Gutters

The largest size of commercial box gutters available on the market today is 8” box gutter size.if your commercial property is exceptionally large or requires handling substantial water volumes regularly. It’s uncommon for buildings to necessitate this size, so careful consideration is advised before making this choice.

This box gutter size is a suitable option if your building features exceptionally large peaks that gather rain blown into them during storms. For instance, expansive structures like large churches could benefit from this size to effectively manage the significant runoff.If you’re uncertain about whether an 8-inch box gutter system is appropriate for your property, we are here to assist you

These are the types of buildings that might find the 8-inch box gutter size most suitable, considering their scale and specific water management needs:

  • Retail centers
  • Warehousing facilities
  • Supermarkets
  • Industrial buildings
  • Commercial buildings

Choosing right Box gutter size

While choosing the right size you need professional assistance from trusted companies like Gutteritup that can help you choose the right size for your commercial property. Factors like location , climate, type of building, structure of building and most important type and quantity of debris or rainfall it has to accommodate, make us decide which size option would be best for our commercial entity.

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These are generally used sizes that fit most commercial property , However there might be a chance that your commercial property might need a bigger box gutter size. In that case you might have to customize it. You can contact our professional that may help you choose the right size.