Maintaining and cleaning your metal roof is essential, whether on a business or home building, a shed, or some other structure. If you take care of your metal roof the right way, it can last for decades.

A clean metal roof will not only look better but also better protect your home or business from the weather. Over time, the roof can get dirty and lose shape, and other things can end up on it. Similarly, too much dirt and waste on the roof can make it less able to reflect heat, raising energy bills.

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Why You Should Clean a Metal Roof

Metal covering lasts a long time and usually doesn’t need much upkeep. But cleaning your roof occasionally can keep it in good shape and make it look its best. While you’re cleaning your roof, you can also look for damage. Leaky roofs can make a mess inside your home. Fixing problems immediately can keep them from worsening and costing much more.

Cleaning Metal Roofs

Prioritize safety above all else when undertaking any cleaning or repair work on your metal roof. Equip yourself with the necessary safety gear, such as gloves, goggles, and non-slip shoes. Ensure the stability of your ladder, and consider using a safety device if you’re working at heights. Be vigilant about potential electrical hazards or nearby power lines. These precautions allow you to confidently carry out your cleaning tasks without compromising your safety. 

1. Get Ready for the Project

The effectiveness of your roof cleaning largely depends on your preparation. Before you begin, ensure you have all the necessary tools and supplies to complete the task safely.

A long hose and a ladder are typically the best tools for beginning a task like this. Professionals usually use a pressure cleaning system, but the pressure is shallow enough to spread soaps over the roof surface before adding water.

Depending on how well the cleaning products you choose work and how dirty your roof is, you may need to get out a bucket and brush. Just be careful not to scrub your roof too hard with the brush. Brushing too hard can damage coats that protect things.

2. Choose Cleaning Agents Carefully

Your choice of cleaning agents can significantly influence the lifespan of your metal roof. Some potent chemicals, like bleach, can be used in small amounts (less than 5 percent) mixed with water for a quick clean.

A mild dish soap will do the trick if you only need to clean your roof a little. Some people even say laundry detergent works well in a pinch. Dish soap and car wash mixes are fine.

However, the wrong mix of chemical cleaners might need to be fixed on some metals and paints. Make sure you talk to the company that made your roofing metal for more detailed information on the type of roof you have.

3. Double-check the Cleaning Instructions

Before using any metal roofing cleaner, follow the directions on the bottle to avoid harming yourself or damaging your roof.

Most cleaning products need to be left on for a few minutes so that they can get into the dirt and debris and lift them off the roof. You’ll have to use these agents again if you rinse them off too soon.

If you must climb up on your roof, you should also ensure you have the proper safety gear. A belt and support system might help to avoid slipping and falling while the roof is wet. This is especially true if you’re cleaning a standing seam metal roof with a smooth surface that’s hard to grip.

4. Maintains Metal Roofs

Like any other outdoor or indoor thing, a metal roof will last longer if you clean it often. Cleaning a metal roof usually helps keep the panels in good shape and removes any dirt or dust on the surface that could damage the paint or the metal itself. PVDF and other paint systems are made to last, but they will still benefit from being cleaned occasionally to keep the glue and covering strong.

5. Removes Debris from the Roof’s Surface

The following things often get stuck on the surface of a metal roof:

  • Sticks and leaves
  • Pollen Spore buildups
  • Stains from water
  • Airborn dirt
  • Particles of pollution
  • Acid rain
  • Rust marks
  • Mildew and mold

When a panel is exposed to UV rays and sunshine, the paint system’s plastic starts to break down. As long as the sun, air, and pollution keep hitting the broken-down resin, it stops sticking to the surface, and the broken-down particles turn white. Eventually, these bits will appear on the metal’s surface so anyone can see them. There isn’t always a big change, but if you swipe the panel with your finger, you can feel the chalky film on your skin.

Remember that most paint guarantees that metal roofs don’t cover too much chalking when pollutants are present, so you should clean your roof often.

6. Maintains the Look of a Metal Roof

Only some people want a dirty or ugly roof, especially since you paid a lot for a metal roof. You want it to look good for as long as possible.

If you clean your roof once a year, dirt and other things that can be seen will not be able to make it look dirty, moldy, or damaged.

The Best Tools for Cleaning Metal Roofs

These things will help you clean your metal roof:

  • Towel Washcloth Sponge
  • Brush with soft bristles
  • Pad that doesn’t rub

Different kinds of tools can be used to clean a metal roof. There are times when washing something with nothing but water is enough. Sometimes, you need a more robust cleaner and a tool to wipe or clean the panels. It depends on what.

Selecting the Best Metal Roof Cleaning Method

To clean your metal roof, fill a bucket with water and dish soap that makes suds. You will also need a soft sponge, like a car wash sponge or other cloth, to scrub the filth off. Depending on how dirty your roof is, this could take a while. A soft bristle brush with an extension arm will work, but be careful not to scratch the surface. There is no need to use any kind of abrasives that could remove the layer and let rust start.

A. Water and a Roof Detergent

Roof soap can be mixed with water to make something more substantial than dish soap. Read the directions on the soap to ensure you pour the right amount. Things might improve, but you must still work hard at the tricky parts.

B. Add Vinegar and Water

Sometimes, it’s better to clean with vinegar than solid chemicals. Mix one cup of vinegar with two cups of water to clean and shine your metal roof.

C. Bleach and Water

Bleach can harm the finish on your metal roof but also eliminate any moss, mildew, or mold you find. According to some sites, you should mix one bleach with eight parts water and let it sit for five minutes before running water over it.

D. Water Pressure

Water pressure is the best way to clean your metal roof. You’ll need a power washer and a bucket of soapy water to do the job. Use a power washer with a wide-angle spray tip to remove dirt, grime, and mildew. Do not raise the pressure too high, or it will damage the roof’s surface. Keep a safe distance from the roof and move the panels around in wide motions to keep water from getting under them.

Gutter it Up: Best for Metal Roof Cleaning

Maintaining your metal roof’s cleanliness can extend its life and improve its appearance. Although it may appear simple, some procedures must be followed to complete it correctly.

At Gutter it UP, they offer a unique cleaning service that blends the power of soft washing with the accuracy of pressure cleaning. Their method not only cleans your roof but also protects it from future growth, allowing it to remain pristine for a longer time.