GutteritUp™, and its principal, Val Soltes, have always “given a break” to groups that serve the public good.  We recognize the tremendous value the people who fill these positions have on the education and motivation of our young people, on the public security and safety of our lives, homes, and assets,  on the safeguarding and security of our country, and on our health and wellness.

Thus, GutteritUp™ is proud to offer this 10% discount on all of our services to the personnel that fill these roles in our community and country: police, fire, emergency rescue, schoolteachers, religious orders and personnel, and all active military personnel, regardless of the branch of service including the Coast Guard.  These definitions include Border Patrol and Homeland Security personnel as well.  This is a “blanket” discount meaning that for any service you seek from us: gutter cleaning, gutter repair, gutter installation, or anything else, this discount will apply.

Military, Public Service Worker

We also extend this discount to our Senior Citizens, or anyone permanently disabled or retired where income may be fixed and/or critical for paying the everyday bills associated with eating, living, or receiving necessary medical or therapeutic treatments.  We don’t mind taking less from people in these groups because we are aware of the struggles they may face just meeting their bills.  We hope this extension of our discount eases their burden just a little bit.