Your home’s longevity and appearance are directly correlated to how well you keep your roof clean. Soft washing is a safe and effective way to clean roofs. Soft washing gets rid of dirt, moss, algae, and other contaminants by using low-pressure methods and a mix of cleaning solutions. High-pressure washing, on the other hand, can damage roofing materials.

What Is Soft Wash Roof Cleaning?

Washing your roof with soft water can prevent the growth of invasive plants and buildup on your roof, which could potentially save your roof from deterioration. This is good news because a new roof can cost a lot of money.

Soft wash roof cleaning is a gentle way to clean that can help your roof last longer. Moss, germs, and algae are some of the organic waste that it gets rid of. If you don’t get rid of these things safely, they can damage your roof in the long term.

To clean any roof, the first thing you should do is ask a professional what they think. At All Surface Cleaning, one of our roof experts will come out and give you a free review and quote. They are easy to set up, and our trained professionals will answer all of your questions and help you figure out the best way to take care of your roof.

What to Expect From Soft Wash

When it comes to the SoftClean process, we utilize several different methods, including low-pressure washing, air blowing, and sweeping procedures. It’s not as rough on your shingles as pressure washing, and it doesn’t hurt them while it cleans them.

First, one of our skilled roofers will clean your roof with an eco-friendly product. This cleaner gets rid of spots and kills any living things that are growing on your roof.

After a few days, we carefully sweep and brush off the dead moss to get rid of the cleaner. If there are still unwanted things on the roof, like mildew, dirt, or broken pieces, we use a low-pressure wash to get rid of them without hurting the roof.

Why is Soft Cleaning Best for Older Roofs?

The expert uses light surfactants or detergents to clean the roof softly. Cleansers like these get deep into roof cracks and splits and rinse the undersides of tiles and shingles, as well as the flashing and other roof materials. While the surfactants in the soft wash are mild, they work well to get rid of thick layers of mud, dust, dirt, soot, and other similar substances.

Low pressure is used in soft cleaning to get rid of dirt. You can feel a little more pressure than when you use a spray tip on an outdoor hose. This low-pressure cleaning keeps old, brittle roofing tiles from coming loose or getting damaged. Don’t wash away broken granules from their surfaces. A professional roof washer can tell you if a soft wash cleaning is right for your roof based on how old it is and how much dirt has built up on it. 

How Could Soft washing your Roof Keep it in Good Shape?

A dirty roof is not only something unpleasant to look at, but it also has the potential to cause damage to your property. This is why you should pay to have your roof cleaned with a soft wash:

  • A flaky and powdery material that comes from car smoke and lies on roofs. It dries out the shingles and tiles and makes them break easily. These tiles are very fragile and can easily break, crack, and fall off of a roof. Water can then leak through them and into the roof’s surface. Do a lot of damage inside the house.
  • When mud, sticks, leaves, and other waste press against shingles with water, they become soft and fall apart. When these shingles break off, they become soft, loose, and rotten, and they may even fall off the roof.
  • Roofing shingles and tiles can get damaged by bird droppings if they are not cleaned.
  • When birds walk on the roof, their sharp claws can damage shingles and tiles. The nests and branches that birds gather can also damage roofs and tiles over time.
  • Algae grow on asphalt roofs, which makes them hollow. This makes them crack and break. It would be easy for these broken shingles to blow away in a storm or break apart and fall apart.
  • A roof with mold is very bad for people who are not on your land. It has an unpleasant smell. A grill can’t be used on the deck or porch.

Most of the time, the people who live there don’t know how dirty their roof makes their homes look. A clean roof quickly improves the curb appeal of your home, giving it a more welcoming look.

How Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Works

Here are the steps for soft wash for roof:


Safety First: Make sure you wear the right safety gear, like shoes that don’t slip, gloves, and eye protection. Make sure the ladder is stable and that you are using a strong one. If you’re not used to working up high, you might want to hire someone else to do it.

Check the Weather: If you want to make sure that the cleaning solution works properly and doesn’t get washed away too soon, you should choose a day that is dry and does not have particularly strong winds.

Keep your surroundings safe: Put plastic sheets over plants and other fragile landscapes to keep them safe from the cleaning solution. To keep the solution out of your home, close all the doors and windows.

Steps for Soft Washing

These are the most important steps in the soft wash roof cleaning process:

  • Check and Prepare the Roof: Before cleaning, the roof is checked to see if any broken or damaged spots need to be fixed. Covering any greenery, windows, doors, etc. in the area around the job site to stop overspray is the next step.
  • Use the cleaning solution: Using a yard or farm sprayer, a cleaning solution called “soft wash” is then sprayed over the whole roof. It is made up of detergents, surfactants, bleach, and water. It lifts and gets rid of dirt, spots, mold, and other pollutants.
  • Let It Dwell and Rinse: The cleaning solution stays on the roof for 10 to 20 minutes so the chemicals have time to do their job. Once the contaminants are gone, a low-pressure rinse is used to wash them away. Any solution that is still there is left to stay longer and be washed away by rain.
  • The cleaning products used for soft washing are specially made to get rid of mold, mildew, algae, lichens, dirt, and spots that come from the air. Also, as long as they are used properly, the solutions are safe for all types of roofs, such as asphalt shingles, wood shakes, tile, metal, and hybrid roofs.

Advantages of Cleaning Your Roof with Soft Wash

There are several main reasons why soft wash roof cleaning is the best and most popular way to do it:

  • Soft washing is less damaging to roof materials than pressure washing methods, which can cause damage to surface coatings and shingles. Soft washing is also more gentle on roof materials. The low-pressure rinse cuts down on splashback and overspray as well.
  • When compared to simply using water, the cleaning solutions are more effective at dissolving and lifting contaminants, leaving behind a deeper level of cleanliness. For a better clean, solutions get deeper into the roof’s materials.
  • Soft wash solutions are designed to be biodegradable and environmentally friendly. This is a feature that is specifically designed for them. They go after pollutants without hurting the places around them.
  • It’s cheaper than pressure washing because soft washing uses less water and fewer tools.
  • When compared to methods that only clean the surface, soft washing yields results that are more long-lasting because it eliminates all biological contaminants and stains down to the roots.

How to Do Maintenance

To keep moss, algae, and other garbage from building up on your roof, check it often and clean it as needed. Soft washing your roof every one to three years can keep it in great shape, extending its life and keeping your home’s look.

By doing these steps, you can soft wash your roof and keep it clean and long-lasting without the risks that come with high-pressure cleaning.

Get Your Home Cleaned With Us!

It takes a lot of work to clean the roof, and you can’t do it by yourself. In addition, the hot sun or rain can make your cleaning exercise harder.

Taking care of pressure washing or soft washing is also not easy and can cost a lot of money. 

You don’t have to be upset when you can always count on the pros. 

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